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      Yucoo Network Equipment Co., Ltd. is the high and new technical enterprise in Guangzhou, and is the professional company integrating development, manufacture, sale, engineering design & construction, and other businesses of adjustable switching power supply,lead acid battery,switching power supply, Frequency Converter, Power Inverter and PDU etc.

      Product Range:
      Adjustable power supply: (0-1500V, 0-2000A can be customize);
      Frequency converter :Frequency(50hz, 60hz, 45-70hz, 400hz available.);
      Variable Frequency Drives:Frequency scope(0.00~2000.00Hz);Voltage grade (220V/380V/460V/575V/660V/1140V.);
      Lead Acid Battery Charger:Charge voltage(3.6~660V;max 2000A;Max power 100kw);
      Power Distribution Unit--PDU :8 channel and 20 channel 48V with different output breaker can be customize );
      High frequency switching power supply; Power Inverter;High frequency inverter;Industrial frequency inverter;DC to DC Converter;AC Voltage Regulator......[MORE+]