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Full Auto Battery Charger

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Question what is different between battery charger and adjustable dc battery charger


Product name

Output voltage

Automatic identification battery voltage

Equal/float  voltage

Digital display

Output current constant adjustable

Charging mode

Suitable for all kind of lead acid batetry

Adjustable dc battery charger

Voltage adjust from 0v-max (v)


Be set before factory





Full auto battery charger

Can not adjust


Set by the end user






Question what is the float voltage and equal voltage for 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V 84V 96V 108V charger?


Charger voltage

equal voltage

float voltage





























Question Does the float voltage and equal voltage can be adjust by the end user?


l  Yes, it can adjustable. But only can adjust within the factory set adjustable voltage value + / - 2 v

l  if customers need special charge and float charge voltage value of the best order and sales confirmation before, we will according to the actual situation before out of factory


Question: What is the charging process of full auto battery charger


l  Firstly it start charging the battery in state of constant current, when the voltage rises to the Equal Charging

l  Voltage., Will transfer automatically to charge the battery with constant voltage.

l  When the battery is filled gradually, charging current will automatically go down, down to the 1 / 5 of rated charging current will automatically switch to float voltage to charge the battery until full.


Question ; can you manufacture multiplex voltage charger?


l  we can manufacture double voltage charger only

l  Such as 12 VDC to 24 VDC 30 a. 12 VDC to 24 VDC 40 a. 24 VDC 36 VDC 25 a

l  Other voltage needs can be customized


Question does your charger with any certification ?


l  As all the charger specification is customize base on customer request , so we did not apply any certification for charger

l  Please noted


Question how to choose the right model charger ?


l  Under normal circumstances, we recommend the use of 10% of battery capacity current to charge the battery will be much better

l  For example, 48 VDC 200 ah battery, so we suggest to buy 48 VDC 20 a charger, it can be full charge after 10 hours and this is the most ideal choice.

l  As if use too much current to charge the battery , it may shorten the battery nature life or damage the battery


Question What is difference between series and parallel connect for the battery


l  Parallel: Several battery. Connect negative to negative , Connect positive to positive. Voltage be keep but current be up

l  For example: 2pcs of 12VDC100AH Battery connect in Parallel. It is 12VDC 200AH OUTPUT

l  Series: Several battery. Connect negative to positive, Connect positive to positive. Voltage be UP but current be Keep

l  For example: 2pcs of 12VDC100AH Battery connect in Series. It is 24VDC 100AH OUTPUT


Question: Does the battery charger can use for forklift truck or Marine?


l  Yes, As long as it is lead-acid battery is ok.

l  Forklift battery charger and Marine charger differences just he has special plug to match the battery charging, the other charge mode is the same



Question : does the charger suitable work in outdoor ?


l  No , it only suitable use indoor

l  if need use in outdoor , the end user should be make a shell to install the charger , as it is not waterproof design

l  please noted


Question What are the main features of automatic battery charger ?


l  Equal charge and float charge converted automatically

l  10 file current selection

l  switching power supply technology

l  small size, light weight, high efficiency, full isolation

l  12V / 24V battery automatic identification


Question What is the charging program of automatic charger?


l  Constant current (constant voltage) Equal charge current reduction (constant voltage) float charge


Question Does the output current is adjustable?


l  Yes.

l  Such as: 100A ,The output current is 0~100A adjustable.


Question What the kind of battery charger you can produce?


l  on-line charger;

l  adjustable charger;

l  the electric car charger;

l  electric forklift charger;

l  marine charger;


Question What is common faults and repair methods of battery charger?


l  Inverter tube burn

After the isolated pipe burned reason, put a new tube can work normally. The new tube operating parameters must comply with the requirements, the pressure value must be more than twice the battery voltage, β value  not less than 150, or increase the pressure drop, pipe heat fast, easy to be burned again.

l  Battery without electricity

No electrical or battery voltage is too low, also contributed to the inverter tube - Cause. When replacing the new battery, watch battery replacement new model must be consistent with the original, the voltage is not high, but the number can be increased appropriately Ah. The new battery must be charged six hours continuously.

l  Mains normal, but the charger in the inverter state

Check the mains input transformer winding and insurance, if not the problem, check the secondary circuit and the load.

l  Logic control circuit failure

Logic control circuit problem, according to the logic, the reference voltage step by step inspection of the feet and wave. Inspection, must take inverter control inputs unplug. This can prevent accidents, but also to extend battery life.


Question The main purpose of the Battery Charger?


l  Sightseeing tour buses

l  Ships

l  electric cars

l  electric forklifts

l  diesel generators

l  UPS

l  communications and other areas of lead-acid rechargeable battery pack.


Question What is the MTBF(Mean TIme Between Failures) of Battery Charger?


l  MTBF≥50000h


Question What kind of battery our Battery Charger charge for?


l  Lead Acid


Question Does the Battery Charger can add USB port?


l  Yes, but need to confirm the purpose.


Question How big output current of our Battery Charger can customize till now ?


l  3000A


Questions: Automatic charging machine have the function of fault alarm?


l  Equipment itself does not bring the alarm function;

l  You can ask the sales before you make order,  bring one set of Passive alarm signal dry contact, when the battery charger works well, it is off; when it is fault of the battery charger, it will connected.


Question:  Can you customize the 19in Rack mount type battery charger?

Answer:   Yes


Question  Does the external remote control port can design with DB9 Port ?


l  Yes

l  The external remote control port , we have DB9 Port and Terminal connection for option

l  As picture shows


Question.  What is difference between internal and external control signal?


l  The internal control signals is connected internal potentiometer with corresponding voltage and current signals in main board to adjust and control the output

l  The external control signal is supplied by two external 0-5V analog signal corresponding to the main board voltage and current signals to adjust and control the output



Question.  How to connection for the remote control terminal/ DB9 Port?


l  External (0 ~ 5) V analog voltage regulating signal, which common terminal and the negative output terminal is in communication with the interior

l  Use should pay attention to "common ground" of interference and potential matching problems, you should use isolated floating of (0 ~ 5) V analog voltage signal driving source.

l  As picture show