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Power distribution unit

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 Question1:Does the power distribution unit can add alarm function?



When you put the order,please note the sales.


Question 2Can it be different for input and output voltage?


The input and output voltage is the same

Such as:if the input is -48VDC, the output is -48VDC

And generally the input is negative


Question 3:What does the normal parameters for voltage and current of power distribution unit can be customized?


 -48/24/220/110VDC or -48/24/220/110VAC

 10A, 16A, 32A, 63A ,100A,125A can be optional


Question 4: How much channels maximum you can customize?


1-36channels can be customize


Question 5: What is the appearance of your distribution unit?


All of our distribution is 19 inch rack mount type.

And we can make it to 3U-6U rack mount type.


Question 6: what is the alarm function of the YK PDU?


1.         The device has a fault alarm means the trip will occur when the switch is visible audible alarm signal. Visible warning signal and the red alarm lights audible alarm signal buzzer.

2.         We can provide fault dry contact signal interface (optional, specify when ordering!)

3.         The buzzer removal: When you want to break the bee is sound as long as the panel off the bell button click SA, immediately stop the bell, but the alarm light continues to kindle until extinguished when troubleshooting normal recovery.



Question 7: Can you customize the 2U PDU ?





Question 8: What is the normal size of the YK PDU


With alarm function is: 176mm * 482 mm * 80 mm (H * W * D), 19 inch, 4U high

Without alarm function is: 132 mm * 482 mm * 80 mm (H * W * D), 19 inch, 3U high





Question 9: How to install the YK PDU ?



The device is only one side of the operation, just four bolts can be fixed on a standard 19-inch rack.

When wiring, just open the screws on the panel you can enter the interior equipment, wiring position at a glance, the work place and -48V (AC: zero line and the line) correspond to connect various cables.

Work to row (or zero line row) input and output are equipped with copper ear for user wiring (35 square standard configuration for input and output is 16 square feet), it can also be configured to user requirements.

Mounting screws are made of multi-tool screw can also be attached and detached with a wrench Phillips screwdriver assembly and disassembly, a Phillips screwdriver to complete maintenance of the entire unit.


Question 10: Does the PDU YUCOO Manufacture CB Output design is DC?


No , if customer did not have special request all the CB we use the common one ,

The common CB is AC Design but it can support work in DC output

If need Pure DC CB should be confirm for us before purchase and the price are different



Question 11:  Does the PDU Can make 1A 2A 5A 6A Output ?



But the price is more than 10A 20A 16A and so on, maybe twice price of 10A 20A 16A 



Question 12:  Does the PDU Can make 2U Rack Mount ?


No, the PDU dimension mini design is 3U

Customize specification with different dimension


Question 13: does the PDU can add RS485 or 232 communication port ?


Yes , it can customize

But request MOQ 10Units or more


Question 14: Does the PDU can make single channel input and output



 It can customize any specification base on customer request


Question 15: does the PDU Input can use CB when it more than 120A



 If the current more than 120A , should be use fuse for input as CB MAX Capacity is 120A





Question 16: The PDU can use the appoint model and brand CB


 Yes, it can use the appoint model and brand CB

 But request the CB with similar dimension



Question 17:  does the PDU can make wall type design ?



It can make , and the dimension will be bigger than rack mount



Question 18: Does the PDU can make AC Voltage input ?



Buyer should be confirm for us before purchase