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12V 24V DC-AC inverter --FAQ(1)

Click: 638  Date: 27/3/2018 4:27:08 AM

      12V 24V DC-AC inverter --FAQ(1)


Question 1---Does the inverter connect with solar system ?  



Because of the unique feature which combine invert, charge and AC auto-transfer switch into one complete system, inverter not only connect with solar system, also could be used in officer equipment, household items, power tools and etc.


Question2:Does you inverter is off-grid or grid tie?


All of our inverter can customized is off-grid at present.


Question 3: Does this kind of inverter has battery charger function?



If need, please choose our YK-W7 series.


Question 4: All inverters are the transfer type of DC to AC?


Inverters are the type of DC to AC.

According to customer’s requirement.

The AC output can be made such as 110V/120V/220V/230V/240V/380V.400V/415V


Question 5: How many kinds of output wave form for inverters?

Two kinds. Pure sine wave and modified sine wave.

Pure sine wave inverter could provide high quality AC and carry various loads, while it requires high tech and high cost.

Modified sine wave inverter load poorly not carrying inductive load, but the price is moderate.