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Adjustable DC Power Supply FAQ(2)

Click: 2198  Date: 20/1/2021 10:00:25 AM

Question : Can add external control voltage to control the analog input voltage?


1. Yes

2. We often add 0~5V,0~10V external voltage to control the analog input voltage


Question : How to check the power supply works well or not?


1. Step1: Empty the load - connect the power - to see the voltage can be regulator from 0 to the maximum voltage or not;

2. Step2: If the result of Step 1 test is that it is yes, and that we continue to step 3, if the result of step 1 is not possible to determine the power supply is broken;

3. Step3: Connect the power artificially shorted - off shorting the output, and the current potentiometer to spin to a minimum, and then turn up the boot, to see if there are any change of the current ammeter;

4. Step4: connected to the load, take a look at the current is not able to adjust from 0 to maximum current, if not, that power is broken, if you can, you can determine the power supply is not the problem, check the load whether it is appropriate to use for the power supply


Question : Why the power supply will be trip even we connect the load or no load?


1. It may be because the internal chassis rectifier bridge has been broken.  

2. First test input file ends with OHM multimeter, if there are no short circuit, short circuit if all we can conclude that the rectifier bridge has been broken, the device needs to be returned to the manufacturer to replace the good bridge rectifier.


Question: Does the external remote control port can design with DB9 Port ? 


1. Yes

2. The external remote control port , we have DB9 Port and Terminal connection for option

3. As picture shows


Question: For the external remote control Signal can control the output voltage only ?


1. No

2. Base on the request of user , our external remote control Signal can control the current and voltage in separate or simultaneously

3. We offer the 0-5vdc or 0-10vdc remote control Signal in usually

4. Other remote control Signal can be customize according to the customer request


Question: What is difference between internal and external control signal?


1. The internal control signals is connected internal potentiometer with corresponding voltage and current signals in main board to adjust and control the output

2. The external control signal is supplied by two external 0-5V analog signal corresponding to the main board voltage and current signals to adjust and control the output


Question: Can we make all output settings by hand-operated?


1. YES

2. There is a potentiometer, we can through the potentiometer knob to adjust the current and voltage.


Question: Can we make Negative output?


1. Yes

2. We can make negative output. Such as -30VDC. It is has the same appearance to 30VDC ,while just make the power wiring connecting reversed


Question: Can you add PFC function?


The Yucoo power supply comes with the FC function.


Question: If the end user CITY Power is 240VAC+/-15% but our power supply design is 220VAC+/-15%, does it still can working well ?


1. In usually , it still can working well

2. As our power supply support work at 240-250VAC all the time

3. But if the power more than 240-250VAC and running all the time , the power supply will be broken soon

4. The solution is add over or lower voltage protect function on the input of power supply


Question: Does the power supply will be test in full load before shipping ?


1. Yes

2. The statement about all of our adjustable dc power supply have all been full load and 50% load were aging before shipping for 2-8 hours

3. If the power more than 3000w, the ageing time will be more longer , about 12-15hours


Question: Does Positive and negative output can switch in auto or manual? If yes, what is the Switching interval time ? is it control by a switch or by time relay ?


1. It is control by time relay in auto

2. The buyer should be confirm to us before purchase for how long you want to switch

3. For example, if you want to switch Positive and negative output 1s. then we can set it before factory


Question: Can do the adjustable power supply with high voltage but small current ?


1. Yes.

2. We can customize the voltage specification according to customer’s request.

3. For example:  0~700V, the output current can be 0~3A.

4. Otherwise, If the current is too big, very low voltage is also OK.


Question: Does the power supply comes with CE?


1. NO.  

2. All of the Yucoo power supply are customized under different client request, it is really different for it to pass CE.


Question:What does the meter shows?

On the picture it shows 4 digits display l output, can you show 1.111A and 1.111V?


There have 2 meter , one is for output voltage another for output current

For example model YK-AD15010

The output voltage show only 1-150v, current 1.0-9.9A

Some special design can customized base buyer request


Question: Can it make 19inch rack mount type


1. Yes

2. we can make standalone type or 19inch rack mount type according customer request


Question:What is a variable power supply?


A variable power supply also called a adjustable dc bench power supply, is one where you can continuously adjust the output voltage and current to you requirements.

In another word, it is 100% constant current and constant voltage, you can adjust to any voltage or current as your require


Question: Could you offer Form A or C/O ?  


It is totally no problem. We can prepare relative documents to foreign affairs office or other office to apply for this certificate but if the order less than 10000.00USD , Buyer should be pay 60.00USD to get it