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  • 18 Channels Power Distribution System
  • Product Model : YKDPZ-B
  • Product Information :
  • Information
1.YKDPZ-A is a DC power distribution system module with 19inch standard structure, small size , easy to install and use.
There is A-B 2chs input, multi-channels output (max 18chs). Visual-aural alarm when there is failure. LED display running
2.This equipment of 18 Channels rack power distribution unit has excellent performance and reliable quality.the product of 18 Channels rack power distribution unit It’s widely used in Telecom, BTS, Mobile, Unicom, electric power, army, public security, etc.



  • Customize Range

Regards as PDU/DC Distribution Unit, We can customized all kind of PDU according to your request 

DC Distribution Unit can customize different specification



Voltage (Optional)

Circuit breaker/Air switch

2 channels


10A, 16A, 32A, 63A ,100A,125A/800A




Circuit breaker/Air switch

Can customize
1-36 channels


10A, 16A, 32A, 63A ,100A,125A/800A

Alarming--- With/without alarming function can be option

Rack Mount--2U-6U can customize

  • Specification


Technical specification

Rated voltage


Insulation resistance


Insulating intensity

Output-housing :  AC1000V,50Hz,1minute

Input channels

2 channels  DC-48V,10A,16A, 32A, 63A ,100A,125A circuit breaker/air switch can be optional

Output channels

1-18 channels
10A, 16A, 32A, 63A,100A,125A  (optional) output current capacity


Visual-aural alarm signal. When there is any channel is failed,
Red LED ON and buzzer sounds.

Working environment

Working temperature :0℃~40℃
Related humility :≤90% (+20±5℃)
atmospheric pressure:70Kpa~106Kpa

Dimension and Weight

 L*D*H(mm):483 mm *176 mm* 95 mm