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  • 0-30VDC 0-60A
  • Product Model : YK-AD3060
  • Product Information :
    YK-AD3060 YK—YUCOO AD—AC to DC 30: max output voltage: 3 digits or 2 digits, Unit:30V 60: max output current: 3 digits or 2 digits, Unit:60A
  • Character

 1.         Advanced switching mode power supply technology and components, excellent design, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, which ensures the stability and reliability of long-term full-load operation.

2.        Constant voltage value and constant current value can be continuously adjustable within the range 0~100%

3.        Digital display output voltage and output current.

4.        Temperature control fan, over-temperature automatic protection; output overvoltage, over-current and short-circuit protection; start up delay soft starting can avoid the overshoot voltage when start up.

5.        Simple operation, convenient use

6.        Store temperature: (-40~70)℃, Working temperature: (-20~50)℃

7.        Relative humidity: 90% (40±2℃), atmospheric pressure (70-106)kPa

  • Customize Range

 Regards the Variable DC power supply,

We can customize any constant voltage and constant current according to your request.

Such as: 0-1500V variable or appointed 

        0-2000A variable or appointed 

It is widely used in electric power DC screen system, engineering control, communication, scientific research, charge of storage battery, and other equipments.

  • Specification

Test Item

Performance Parameter

Model(YK-AD Series)


Output range

0-30V 0-60A

Output mode

Constant voltage (or appointed) variable/adjustable
Constant current (or appointed) variable/adjustable

AC wide input

1phase AC110V±15% 50/60Hz/
1phase AC220V±15% 50/60Hz/
3 phase AC380V±15% 50/60Hz


Max 1800W

Source Voltage Regulation

constant voltage ≤0.2%

Load Regulation

constant voltage ≤1%; constant current≤2%

Line regulation:

constant voltage ≤0.3%

Ripple Voltage

total ripple Vpp≤2% (max voltage)(60V*2%=1.2V)
100Hz Ripple: Vpp≤0.5%(max voltage)(60V*0.5%=0.3V)

Operation Environment temperature




Digital meter

voltage meter and current meter

Digital display

Precision of output voltage±1.5%
Precision of output current±2.0%

Insulating resistance


Input— Shell:≥20MΩ


Insulating Strength


Input— Shell:AC1500V,10mA,1minute


Imbalance of equalized current



Temperature control fan, over-temperature automatic protection; output overvoltage, over-current and short-circuit protection; switch-on delay soft starting can avoid the over swung output voltage when switching on.

over-temperature protection




External dimension




Radiating wind hole

Internal radiating wind hole

What is different between battery charger and adjustable dc battery charger?

Product name

Output voltage

Automatic identification battery voltage

Equal/float  voltage

Digital display

Output current constant adjustable

Charging mode

Suitable for all kind of lead acid battery

Adjustable dc battery charger

Voltage adjust from 0v-max (v)


Be set before factory





Full auto battery charger

Can not adjust


Set by the end user





What is the difference Between Switching power supply and DC adjustable power supply?


Switching power supply

DC adjustable power supply

Output voltage

Generally The output voltage is 12VDC 24VDC 48VDC,Narrow range of Output voltage

0-30VDC 0-60A lab variable power supply can customize any voltage. Such as:0~1000VDC. The output voltage range 0~100% continues adjustable

Output current

If less than 50A generally 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A 50A
The output current is not adjustable. But the power with battery interface, the output current can be adjustable within narrow range of Output voltage

0-30VDC 0-60A lab variable power supply can customize any current.
Such as 0~1000A.The output current range 0~100% continues adjustable


Communication engine room

Battery charging,lab and etc.

Output interface

With battery interface (optional)+terminal output

Without battery interface ,only one terminal output

Equal charging & Float charging

Have equal charging and float charging, and can switch automatically

0-30VDC 0-60A lab variable power supply don’t have equal charging and float charging, and
need manual adjustment.


current and voltage just can switch display in one LED

Current and voltage display respectively

Machine parallel

Support multiple machines of same specifications parallel use

Can’t support parallel

Communication interface

RS485/232 optional

Without communication interface(If need communication interface,Can consult the factory of HuaYuan, the price is higher)

Input voltage range

Input AC range widely 176V~280V. But can’t make 110V/380V
3 phase input

110/220/380+/-20% is the most wide input range


Rack mount type

Desktop and Rack mount type can be customized

Working frequency